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Diabetes Self-Management and Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs run one day (2 1/2 hour sessions a week) for 6 weeks If you have a chronic disease or diabetes or are a caregiver for someone with a chronic illness or diabetes, please register for one of our workshops.

Please call or e-mail to set up a workshop Lorie Pence, Director of Outreach & Community Services At 309-674-2071 or [email protected] Illinois Agency on Aging 700 Hamilton Blvd., Peoria, Il 61603FYI-THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES TO MANAGED CARE.

For more detailed information and the Illinois withholding tax amounts, see Booklet IL-700-T, Illinois Withholding Tax Tables.

VERMONT, IL AM MON/TUE/ THUR/FRI FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONGREGATE MEAL PROGRAM AND INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO GET HOME DELIVERED MEALS PLEASE CALL: BRENDA HARPER-309-224-4139 OR BETH OR LORIE AT CENTRAL ILLINOIS AGENCY ON AGING AT 309-674-2071 Southside Manor 915 S. PLEASE CONTACT VALDA SHIPP AT 309-839-2487 OR be e-mail at [email protected] register for one of the workships.CENTRAL ILLINOIS AGENCY ON AGING CAN NOW OFFER A MATTER OF BALANCE FALL PREVENTION WORKSHOPS OR COACHES TRAINING (TO TEACH THE 8 WEEK WORKSHOP) A MATTER OF BALANCE IS AN EVIDENCED BASED FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM.WHAT WE CAN OFFER: CIAA would like to open a congregate meal site at the George Washingotn Carver Center. Please be sure to leave this survey with someone at the center. □ yes □ no □ would like more information □ Call Lorie Pence for more information □ ( 674-2071) How often would you come for a meal?We will even travel to your location to present these workshops.If you have a group of 10-16 people that are interested in this type of workshop please call Lorie Pence for more information.

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