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EXE (IB Controller) application is launched and the ibc variable contains the pointer to OLE automation object that has several methods (functions) that allow to place/modify/cancel orders via TWS and to query portfolio information.

Those methods (functions) are called as any automation object methods, for example: ibc = Get Trading Interface("IB"); if( ibc.

We try to adjust IBController as soon as such incompatibilities surface, but we can only do that "after the fact".DON'T LEAVE AUTOMATIC TRADING UNATTENDED AS CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES MAY OCCUR LIKE INTERNET FAILURE, POWER FAILURE, OTHER UNEXPECTED SITUATION THAT MAY LEAD TO SERIOUS FINANCIAL LOSS. EXE) is a separate application that acts as a buffer between Ami Broker and Interactive Brokers TWS.It accepts commands from Ami Broker and send orders to / retrieves information from TWS. The IB controller application is run automatically by Ami Broker if the formula contains the following call: ibc = Get Trading Interface("IB"); After this call the Broker IB.Get Account Value() function (introduced in 1.0.2) allows that. During development i often "lose" my connection to the TWS and cannot get it going again. This is probably caused by placing Modify Order calls too often so TWS is not able handle them and sends error messages ("Unable to modify this order as its still being processed") and it results in Is Connected() returning false. If such thing happens you can simply close IB Controller window.5) Is it possible to read IB Last/Bif/Ask prices while running a e Signal database? 7) Can we retrieve the "Executions" and "Pending" page (string) from the IB Controller window, for display on the chart?

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