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Disney lets Marvel do what it does, and since Marvel already does it inexpensively, it’s a good fit.

Under Alonso, Marvel opted not to bring back ILM for vfx on “Iron Man 3.” (It had done the first two “Iron Man” pics.) Vfx work on that pic has been split between several vfx studios, including Digital Domain and a Chinese company.

Like Marvel, Lucasfilm has its own pre-existing intellectual property.

But Lucasfilm doesn’t have a proven history of being able to make several movies a year. Given the pressures on the vfx industry in California, Disney is the least of ILM’s problems.

They’ve had to ramp up production from a movie every one to two years to a movie about every nine months.

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Paramount’s “Star Trek Into Darkness” will be released in the Dolby Atmos audio format.

ILM’s the one part of the car that’s road-tested and proven.

It’s the rest of the vehicle that needs adjustment.

Originally, every staffer worked on every Pixar feature, sometimes doing multiple tasks on each picture.

Now they have multiple production teams and more specialists.

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