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The pattern of the sharp and acidic vinegar was beautiful, bold leaf-shaped Y patterns interlocking around the perimeter of the plate.

The lobster sat atop a mayonnaise-bound salad of carrots, peas, turnip and string beans.

The soup was topped with chilled crme frache which seemed to mix with the hot liquid in my mouth to create a swirl of different temperatures.

The crme frache was sprinkled with black truffle whose subtle presence I wouldnt have even noticed had it not been pointed out. Seeing Maine lobster on a French menu is just about as rare as hearing a French sommelier compliment California wines.

Despite my thirty second photo shoot, it remained very hot at the first bite, even letting out a puff of steam.Such was the case in 1975 when Bocuse, for then-President of France Valry Giscard d Estaing, created a custom-tailored black truffle soup.This opened his own ptisserie; the flaking texture was phenomenal, each crack into the surface shattering buttery flakes into the hot bouillon.Crowning the lobster and salad was a firm tomato en gele, looking like an evil eye. Aside from the tomato being cold and out of season, likely a decorative garnish than a flavor addition, the lobsters sweetness really came through balanced by the acidic vinegar, rich butter, and creamy mayonnaise.The real fun of this dish was combining the sweet main lobster with different combinations and quantities of the two sauces.

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