Cherokee dating practices

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Once the cane is dry, it is ready to make a blowgun. Definition source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary Catala: 1. construcció, edifici Česky: Deutsch: Bau, Konstruktion Español: 1. construcción, edificio Français: Italiano: costruzione Latviešu: celtniecība Lietuvių: Nederlands: 1. I cut a forty-five degree angle on my punch slightly above the node so my punch would have strength. After the nodes were punched I used the punch as a sanding An object used for a purpose such as cutting or digging eg a knife, spade or hammer. The green cane could be flexed straightened across my knee or chest by applying slight pressure.

With proper tools, a blowgun is fairly easy to construct. For this experiment I made five blowguns and each blowgun took thirty minutes to make.

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To speed up the drying process punch out the cane while the cane is still green. If you score cane and completely cut the outer sheath then the cane will snap off with little effort.

Most people do not realize that virtually every tribe in the Southeast used the blowgun for hunting small game. cacería Français: Italiano: caccia Latviešu: medīt Lietuvių: Nederlands: 1. Other sources stated that the Cherokee also killed large birds such as geese and turkeys.

No on really knows the origin of the blowgun in the Southeast. The techniques used to kill these large birds included hitting them in the eye (Timberlake,1765).

Although I have visited the reservation in Oklahoma, I have spent more time with the Cherokees on the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina (Woodward 1963). Other ethnographers such as James Mooney and John Swanton also mentioned the use of the blowgun by the Cherokee (Mooney 1885;1897; Swanton 1946).

One of the most misrepresented hunting tools of the Southeastern United States is the blowgun. The Cherokee called their blowgun “tu-gwe-sdi” (Worsham 1997) and used the blowgun to hunt small game such as rabbits, squirrels and birds (White 1987).

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