Christian agnostic dating

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We are sorry, but the system was unable to process your request because your web browser did not behave as expected.Cookies are required by this website in order to ensure a seamless user experience.should be required reading for any Christian who claims that gay people can’t also be Christians–and for LGBT people who feel there’s some conflict between their sexual orientations or gender identities and their faith." — Dan Savage, "It Gets Better," "American Savage." Read more about UNFAIR.1.

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I call it my profound privilege to be able to spend every day of the rest of my life growing a little bit closer to my wife.

Seek God's face not his blessing and the rest will take care of itself.

To someone in this situation:1Corinthians -15 does not 'trump' 2Corinthians -18.

Red 2/25, please pray for wisdom, re-read 1Corinthians, and ask a knowledgeable mature Christian man about this subject. If the leader does not ask, after he was lead and accepted the Lord, to have you wait, he is not right with the Lord.

There is a war that is spiritual and much more violent than the physical war with the flesh.

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