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Water main assessments may be paid in yearly installments, usually over ten years. The water main assessment is due in full even if you do not hook into the water main, but continue to use your well.

The installment payments are subject to interest and a lien is filed against the property even though the installment payments are current. Sewer Assessments Sewer assessment bills are charged by the Water Pollution Control Authority, but are collected through this office.

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Tax Collection Enforcement Tax collector liens are filed at the end of May for all accounts with a tax balance due.

Liens will remain in force until all taxes, penalty interest and fees are paid in full.

Tax collector liens are subject to foreclosure or sale/assignment to a third party for collection.

The interest must be computed on each individual tax and not the total should you be paying more than one bill at a time.

Sewer Use Fees: This is a user fee and is charged to any parcel of real estate that is connected to the City's sewer system. The due date to pay is July 1st, and you have up to, and including, August 1st to pay without a penalty.

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Motor Vehicle: July 1st and you have up to and including August 1st to pay without a penalty.If you use a septic system you should not be paying sewer use. Water Main Assessments Water main assessment bills are charged by the Engineering Department, but are collected through this office.If there has been construction of a water line near your property you will have a water main assessment bill.Personal Property: Bills under ,000 are due in one installment, July 1st and you have up to, and including, August 1st to pay without a penalty.Bills over ,000 are due in two installments, July 1st and January 1st.

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