Consolidating workbooks in excel

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In this article, you explored several code samples that you can use to merge data from all workbooks in a folder into a master workbook.

Ron de Bruin is an Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a frequent contributor to the newsgroups. Frank Rice is a programming writer and frequent contributor to the Microsoft Office Developer Center.

The RDBMerge utility provides a user friendly way to merge data from workbooks in a folder into one worksheet in a new workbook.

Working with the add-in is very easy; however, for more information, see the page on Ron de Bruin's Web site.

Inside Microsoft Office 95 A Publication of The Cobb Group Published March 1997 Use this handy command on multiple ranges to calculate sums, averages, products, minimum and maximum values, and other statistical summaries.

Excel offers a number of ways to summarize information in different worksheets and workbooks.

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