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The government is including a provision in its Education Bill that will increase the participation age to 18 so that school leavers have the option of staying in school or move onto further training (Independent schools are not obliged to adhere to the National Curriculum).School learning is split into 4 key stages relating to the curriculum.

It was those clips that led to his discovery by talent manager Scooter Braun, who encouraged Bieber to come to Atlanta to record music.

They may opt to sit higher (possible results: A* – D) or lower (C-G) level exams.

However, English, Math and Science are required subjects, and UK universities typically expect students to sit at least five GCSE exams.

Pupils progress through the stages as they go through the school years.

English, Maths, Science, Design and technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), History, Geography, Art and design, Music, Physical education Schools also have to teach religious education and are encouraged to prove personal, social and health education (PSHE) and citizenship, and at least one modern foreign language.

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