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So, she just doesn’t talk the talk, she gives you the power to walk the truth as well. You will learn how to define yourself, strengthen yourself, love yourself and how to become more confident! So, I asked three other single women to read and work through the exercises with me. Already we better understand ourselves, have cleared up a lot of past relationship residue and increasingly value our own sacredness. Right" it will be a bonus to the many gifts this book has helped us discover in ourselves..much more than ever imagined!

Author Amy Leigh Mercree wisely suggests you can't play games to find your soul mate but rather, you have to find and be your authentic self.I learned to value myself more and understand the energetic mechanics of my sexuality with Ms. It is catchy, witty and has infectious enthusiasm, it really made me want to put a lot more focus on myself knowing that by doing so, I would attract a great guy special just for me.It is loaded with new concepts and encouraging words, I will enjoy this positive and amusing read over again and again. I would bet any single person following this process would find Mr. This is a great guide/workbook - but it isn't work.Furthermore, following the book’s instructions, I called forth the Violet Flame of Ascension to cleanse my physical and auric field, and this is something everyone should try.Depending on your assiduity with meditation, you will get mitigated results, but for those who practice Yoga or enjoy quiet introspection, you will get a surge of uplift from the exercise.

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