Dating a smith and wesson revolver

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A great example if a classic handgun with virtully all the extras, target hammer and trig ...Click for more info Serial #NSC0022, .38 Special, 4” barrel with an excellent, bright bore.This assembly mark may be numbers, letters, or a combination of both. A large number of special markings are found on the Model No. These include both factory and non-factory markings.Factory markings include "second quality" (on 35 guns), markings put on for purchasers of large quantities of guns (such as the Kittridge Co. It has a red ramp front sight with white outline rear. Click for more info This Smith & Wesson Model 15-4 remain in excellent condition. Click for more info Model 13-3 .357 Magnum 6-shot cylinder.

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Click for more info Smith&Wesson,15-3Combat Masterpiece",.38 S&W Special,4" bbl.,36 Oz., Mfg.1971,w/original box.

The differences from the previous type are mostly in the smaller parts.

The grip escutcheon is now dished instead of contoured with the grip and grip screw head is rounded instead of contoured (See drawing).

I am sure the die was changed prior to 50,000 serial range and after 44,602. Recorded serial range 60120 - 62242 Identical to Type 4 except for the barrel stamping.

Either they used some old frames or returned to making the additional cut of the breech face.

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