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Ingrid shoots in a 100 metre (110 yards) competition at her local club and last week shot a 12 mm group with her Wolverine 303.

The score was 55 points, the highest ever achieved with a big bore rifle. The MK4 i S is the most amazing airgun I have ever used.

Daystate with be displaying both the Wolverine2 and the Saxon at the British Shooting Show on the 10th-12th Feb.No one’s been terribly fired up by these, although they’ve been well above the dreadful standards of many Chinese equivalents.The decent quality shouldn’t be a great surprise, because Daelim started two-wheeler production with a licensing and assembly agreement with Honda in 1978.The specification is good too, with a centre stand included in the price, and even a span-adjustable brake lever, while the rider and passenger footrests are mounted on cast aluminium hangers rather than the cheap-looking steel you’d expect.It’s a large machine too, so it fits average and taller adults comfortably.

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