Dating in xiamen china

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However, the earliest evidence of silk fabric dates back to around 2700BC.[ Wikipedia “History of Silk”] In ancient China, the process of making silk making was a closely guarded secret…punishable by the death penalty.[Wikipedia] The world’s oldest surviving book is Chinese—a Buddhist text called the Diamond Sutra, which bears the date 868 AD.Along with other printed manuscripts, the book was discovered in 1907 in a walled-up cave in Dunhang (north-west China) and is on display at the British Library.[ Wikipedia “Four Great Inventions of ancient China”] The other “Four Great Inventions of ancient China” are paper-making, printing, and the compass.[ Wikipedia “Four Great Inventions of ancient China”] About 3,000 years ago, the Chinese were recording events in a written language of thousands of characters.

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[Wikipedia] The Chinese invented porcelain around the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), when experts estimated the Chinese were baking pottery at extremely high temperatures (1260-1300 C) to produce high-quality, thin and hard porcelain.over two centuries before Gutenburg invented the printing press around 1450.[Wikipedia] The Chinese were the first in the world to use paper money, during the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century.In the early 1900’s, archeologists discovered about 20,000 pieces of Oracle Bones (inscriptions on bones and turtle shells) using about 4,000 characters.Before they were recognized for what they were, locals thought they were dragon bones and were grinding them up as medicine to cure malaria.

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