Divorce loving dating online

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But the new research from Michican suggests that 86 per cent of online daters were concerned that profiles contained false information suggesting that trust may have been damaged at an early stage in the relationship.The study was published in the online journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.

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CEO Sam Yagan has claimed that dating cycles are shorter online because people are more willing to leave unsatisfying relationships more early because they know they can quickly find somebody new to date.Often drawn to the potential of creating your own profile and being able to carefully shape your image before someone actually meets you in person, users are regularly tempted to embellish or even omit key pieces of personal information.While being mindful that there are always people in this world who are pathological liars, others merely want to make themselves appear as attractive as possible.Of the type of information being taken from these sites, 57% of lawyers have seen relationship status used, followed by salary and occupation at 15% and parental status at 7%.This is one of the many reasons I have always strongly advised clients to stay off dating websites until the divorce is concluded.

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