Does contemporary dating lead to divorce

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I wish to believe that if people were instructed properly, many would try their best to do what is right in their lives and the lives of others.The book is about the compromise and the consequences, of blatantly breaking the word of God.I founded the Divine Word Ministry, so that I could print monthly news letters about the present apostasy in the church today, to pastors and as many people who wished them (at no cost to them). I have preached in eight states to many people, with no compromise of the Word of God. Christian Schools, where he received the most awesome Christian education.His understanding of the Word of God left me in awe on many occasions.Of course this didn’t sit well with the youth ministry leader at all.He didn’t understand that for 5 years, 2 hours a day my son studied Scripture, Christian sociology, and Christian World ethics.

My choice is to have no particular church affiliation, but to do God’s work without the hindrance of the politics, that are….1 A SOLDIER OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST Dear Stephen Wilcox, I have been a single parent for fourteen years.I was ordained a minister of the word of God in 1990, and by 1993, I was astonished with the compromise of God’s Holy Word, that I witnessed in the church.The commandments of God, and how they must relate to the modern man with no compromise.Slavery in the United States (more compromise) “The destruction of the American Christian family through divorce and remarriage and its effect on today’s society”.

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