Honda motorcycle dating certificate

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In practice, most don't bother and often demand that consumers and cross border traders pay for these documents.

Some do this out of ignorance whilst others will use this tactic to deter cross border transactions.

Hand over more money 55 plus road tax 66 in my case and wait a few days. And in my case another 55 coz I didnt have the original EU Cert. The only cock-up I had was DVLA actually issued an 03 plate for a bike that was 1st registered in March 07.Probably been covered a few times before but Ive just imported my French registered Xchallenge and so while its still fresh in my mind this is how it went.You will need 1) the original EU Certificate of Conformity.Feel like torching the thing in the desert and bury it in the sand.But, I like the bike even though the cost of a new 1200GSA is within my reach.

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