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It’s also getting really bad nowadays, with our national cybersecurity agency warning that catfishing scams have been on the rise every year since 2014.

In a nutshell, Bob’s friend made a strange post on Facebook one day with a series of revealing images and a note that he was being extorted.

Obviously she’s used to talking to men who are in relationships.” – Bob She also seemed to have answers for everything – when Bob asked to hear her voice, she said that her mic was broken and her mom was sleeping in the next room (because if the mic was on, Bob would have heard a deep voice with a Filipino accent).

By this point, Diane was getting impatient and asked to see his face, and this is when Bob realized…

The scammer sent him screenshots of preview messages with his nudie pics to all his friends.

One thing most people would say when they see victims of these kinds of scams is that he was thinking with his OTHER head, which isn’t necessarily inaccurate, but it also gives the idea that only straight men fall for them.

It all starts when Bob tells her he’s also in New York (where she is also based): “There was a delay before she said she was in Buffalo, so I think she was Googling a location that was far away enough that would make meeting impossible.

But the excuse that it was too late to take pictures was quite genius la, because she took the time difference into account.” – Bob While the excuses were impressive, Bob points out that there were inconsistencies with her conversation, almost as if the responses were copy-and-paste, such as the one thanking him for approving her friend request – even though he was the one who added her.

Remember, I was the one who added her.” – Bob, in interview with CILISOS.she’s from Taiwan but working for Hermès in New York.

Her Facebook and Instagram pictures (both since blocked) show a girl who’s “living the life, taking selfies wearing branded clothing and carrying Chanel bags.” In reality though, “Diane” was actually a Filipino man. “She” had to give his real name and address in the Philippines in order to complete the bank transfer of the money.

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