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There are specific requirements to be able to register, including having proof of access to funds to support you during your studies.

What if I am a student from a visa required country?

Do I need to register after I have arrived in Ireland?

If you are not an EU/EAA/Swiss national and will be staying in Ireland to study for more than 90 days, you will have to register at the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin or locally if you are living outside the Dublin metropolitan area.

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On approval, you will get a temporary immigration permission stamped into your passport.Our range of interests includes the settlement, lives, and achievements of Irish emigrants to Latin America and their descendents, as well as the contemporary presence of Ireland in the life and culture of Latin America and the presence of Latin Americans in Ireland.The Society is also interested in the relationship, past and present, between Ireland and the Irish with Iberia, the Caribbean and Spanish-speaking North America. Patrick’s Battalion (or Los San Patricios, in Spanish), fought alongside Mexico against the U. With music, dance and balladry, two of Chicago’s most prominent communities with immigrant roots, both known for passing down traditions from generation to generation, will bring together the fiddles, harps, accordions, foot tapping and voices of Irish jigs and Mexican son to tell the story of Los San Patricios.

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