Jennifer williams dating

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BBW Jennifer Williams’ personal life has been the epitome of drama lately with her dirty-dog soon to be ex-husband Eric Williams recently revealing to the public that he fathered a child while the two were still married.

Despite it all, “Jennufah” seems to be trying to move on with her life after marriage and after the show.

The report also claims Jennifer has a record deal and is recording her first studio album, adding she will be singing and rapping.

Sweet dreams tweets."While Williams decided against naming the person who she was dreaming about, a number of people took to Twitter to speculate about a potential relationship between her and Owens."T. can't be that dumb to date a Basketball Wife," one person tweeted.

Another person thought Owens didn't make enough money for Williams, who they insinuated would only date a rich man."She does know he broke right," the person questioned on the social networking website.

Jennifer is still legally married to former basketball star Eric Williams, but the couple went to a very messy and bitter breakup during last season of BBW.

The former reality show star is rumored to be recording a rap album to be released soon.

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