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We were lucky for a few years and the government tolerated us despite me being a foreigner and continually breaking sensitive news on corruption, publishing ombudsman reports and satirical cartoons but in January 2001 the then Prime Minister Barak Sope had enough and accused me of "revealing and publishing classified state secrets'".

Immediately, PINA and Radio Australia and Radio NZ were contacted by my staff and the news hit the wires.

When I first got to Papua New Guinea in 1982, I was young and employed as advertising and marketing manager for Word Publishing under Russell Hunter whom many of you know when he worked here and in Fiji after he left PNG.

Well, I knew nothing about custom and did what every advertising person did in those days in London, I draped half naked girls including my wife at the time, over the cars to sell them in PNG and made them look good in advertisements in the paper which was owned by the churches.

This was a big no no as girls are not allowed anywhere near tam-tams in custom on the island where they are made and I got hammered with a large custom fine from the paramount chief.

He demanded around US0 as a custom fine and I argued that I should pay him in custom fines of pigs and mats.

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