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With Glover pleading their case, they argued that because the Allies had invaded France and the Maquis were by then openly fighting the Nazis alongside Allied troops, if Yeager or Glover were shot down again, there was little about those who had previously helped them evade capture that could be revealed to the enemy.

Eisenhower, after gaining permission from the War Department to decide the requests, concurred with Yeager and Glover.

Yeager later credited his postwar success in the Air Force to this decision, saying that his test pilot career followed naturally from his having been a decorated combat pilot, along with having been an aircraft mechanic before attending pilot school.

In part, because of his maintenance background, he also frequently served as a maintenance officer in his flying units.

(Yeager later mistakenly recalled that the credit had given Simpson his fifth kill.) In his 1986 memoirs, Yeager recalled with disgust that "atrocities were committed by both sides" and went on to recount going on a mission with orders from the Eighth Air Force to "strafe anything that moved.", 1945, and returned to the United States in early February.

As an evader, he received his choice of assignments and, because his new wife was pregnant, chose Wright Field to be near his home in West Virginia.

Yeager could provide no factual evidence to support his assertion, but explained his conduct by claiming the Ju-88 must have been there to attack the men in the water, and many authors have since chosen to repeat this unsupported claim as fact.

Ju-88s were often used in the daylight battles against the Allied bomber streams to keep contact with the formations and search for downed pilots at sea.

Two nights before the scheduled date for the flight, Yeager broke two ribs when he fell from a horse.Despite a regulation prohibiting "evaders" (escaped pilots) from flying over enemy territory again, the purpose of which was to prevent a second capture from compromising resistance groups, Yeager was reinstated to flying combat.He had joined another evader, fellow P-51 pilot 1st Lt Fred Glover,, 1944.Yeager demonstrated outstanding flying skills and combat leadership.On , 1944, he became the first pilot in his group to make "ace in a day," downing five enemy aircraft in a single mission.

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