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But alongside this unprecedented expansion came new waves of prison reform activism.Activists noted the tremendous racial disparities in sentencing and incarceration rates.The Lake Placid Olympic Village saga began in early 1976, as Mc Ewen approached one federal agency after another, hoping to find one that could repurpose the athletes’ housing complex.Congress appropriated million in federal funds for construction of the Olympic Village near Lake Placid, but policy dictated that any federally financed Olympics facilities must also have a “secondary use.” To ensure Lake Placid’s Olympics bid, Mc Ewen needed to find someone, anyone, to give a second life to the Olympics Village.It was not just a matter of convenience, either, according to Lake Placid’s congressman, Representative Robert Mc Ewen.

But nothing is ever easy with the Olympics; Lake Placid might seem like a thrifty choice, but it certainly wasn’t free.The 1976 Montreal games swelled to 13 times the approved budget, leaving the city near financial ruin.The Village became embroiled in scandal when the developers were arrested on charges of fraud and conspiracy for allegedly copying the Village’s design from a French apartment complex, and illegally taking the land from a popular municipal park.Host cities needed to house thousands of athletes in facilities that were clean, comfortable, and above all, secure.And in virtually every situation, this housing had to be built from the ground up for tenants who would stay for a grand total of two weeks.

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