Redmine git repository not updating

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I also suggest making sure that the log file is rotated by something like logrotate so it is not forgotten and ends up growing out of hand.I added a updaterepos file in the /etc/logrotate.d/ directory with the below contents.Git Clone Each Project: Now below is the cron entry which in my case is again for the web user.

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I enjoy being challenged by technology problems and am fortunate enough to get paid to solve them.You will need to configure local repos underneath your Redmine project that are updated fairly regularly and then after they are updated you will need to run a script that updates the any ticket that code has been associated with.I ended up writing a Ruby script that I run in cron to update the repos and then runs Repository.fetch_changesets to add the updates within Redmine tickets.If your shared repository is on a remote machine - for example on Git Lab - this unfortunately means a bit of legwork to keep the local, Redmine-accessible repository up-to-date.The common approach is to set up a cronjob that pulls in any changes with regular intervals and updates Redmine with them.

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