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Well when we were first talked on she said how she was coming to the United States on a student work summer program and when I talked to her on vkontact she said that this was still true.Well Krystyna my problem was that she said that while she was in the bus going to pay for medical insurance to come to USA she said that she was carrying 460 dollars in her purse when someone stole her purse, and she said to me that she used money that she was going to use for life here in the USA to pay for medical insurance and that I should lend her 500 dollars, and that she would pay it back to me when we meet in USA.“But I would like to ask you what do you think did she try to scam me, is she just waiting to get more money from me that she knows that I will send it, or is what we have real”?Also I would like to inform you that we are young, she is 19 and I am 21 we are both students, but I have recently graduated and am looking to start my life and although I think we are young, I think we both feel something, well at least I do.Well I know what these dating sites say that Ukrainian and Russian women are family oriented, not ruined by feminism and are submissive to their husband and let the man be in charge of the family.This NEVER was a selling point to me and in fact I find this actually quite disgusting to me when I look at her I do not look to dominate her, to tell her what to do that she should stay home and not persue her own dreams. I care and accept and in fact if she said she wanted to do something I would support her, because I care about her.

Well I never thought that I would find someone here I am actually a pretty handsome guy. I have no trouble getting girls in the USA and truth is it I get hit on by girls I do not even have to try.I mean I know that the internet talks about how they are all alcoholics and treat there women bad but when I look in vkontact they seem very composed and cool and charming and nice to these girls. I don’t know what you think about this I would really appreciate your help.Eli ******************************************************************************** Unfortunately I have to say that asking for money is one of the basic sign of scam.Not that I like guys or anything this was really strange to me, I am actually NORMAL in Ukraine.Although I have a good brain on my shoulders I recently graduated from a medical assistant school and will soon go to a radiology program and I plan to be a doctor and I was also in the military for a while so I have dedication in the USA or any part of the world I am a good man and girls drool over me here in the States.

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