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A quarter of drivers in Hertfordshire have admitted to using their mobile phone behind the wheel in the last 6 months. As well as keeping yourself cool, don't forget to look after your pets and never leave your dog in a vehicle.

Here's Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit cooling down. Today is expected to be a very warm day, please don't leave your dog in the car, even a short amount of time in a hot car could prove fatal.

We're investigating robbery in Bedford and are appealing for witnesses.A mobile phone, van keys and an S Registration Vauxhall van were taken.One of the offenders is described as being around six feet tall with a heavy build.Since then the police team has been working hard and effectively and three people have now been arrested and could soon face charges.At the same time a firm of lawyers, Emmott Snell, agreed to take out a 'group action', on behalf of a number of former boys.

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