Updating mac os 10 2 8 Pinay live web cam

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So you need access to X-Code which is not available under OS-X 10.6.8 directly from the app store.

So i found a workaround to extract the mpkg package with the pkgutil command line tool.

You have to download the "boot.zip" file from the forum above and replace the (which is content of the zip file) with the files located on your bootable usb drive at: When you try to boot at this point the installer from the usb drive, it should be able to boot up.

But you will notice the installers message that the current hardware is not supported.

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You'll need to replace it again (as said here retrocosm.net/2014/01/04/mac-pro-11-and-mavericks at the end of article).While booting your Mac hit and keep pressing the alt key until you see a boot selection screen.At this point you can choose you usb device to boot the OS X installer.Therefore the installer checks against this machine and note that you are not able to install OS X mavericks with your current hardware.This is not totally true, because there exists a good workaround, which patches the to be able to boot at the 32bit efi the 64bit OS X mavericks.

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