Updating tomtom sat nav

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Continually introducing new features and functionality Garmin have delivered a range of high-quality devices that provide accurate mapping for all motorists.

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Satellite navigation systems have long been a part of everyday life for most of us.

We've got GPS systems from big brands like Navman and Tom Tom, not just for in-car navigation but also cycling, running and training purposes.

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However it is usually wise to keep your Sat Nav connected to the charger whilst driving to ensure there is no interruption of service. Most, if not all, Sat Navs are supplied with a bracket that fixes to the windscreen.

British roads are constantly changing so having accurate mapping is essential and updating your Sat Navs maps regularly will avoid you following non-existent roads into the middle of field.

Finally, if you enjoy driving holidays or venturing across to the continent, you should select a Sat Nav that has a places of interest feature and European mapping.

Additional features More advanced models offer additional features though, of course, the cost of the devices rises in line with the number and complexity of the extra functions.

The extras you may find included with premium models include: Of course all models vary so do read the descriptions with each device that is available on So, you know everything a Sat Nav can do, but which device is the most suitable for you?

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