Mushrooms and mushroom places in the Voronezh region and Novovoronezh 2022

Are there mushrooms in the Voronezh region today?

It is possible to answer with accuracy if you visit the forest in the morning and then post on the forum your impressions of visiting mushroom deposits. In other cases, you can only make assumptions based on general information and air temperature. For example, if it rains heavily in the summer, after 5-6 days you can go fishing in search of tasty prey.

From mid-spring until almost the end of winter, provided the weather is moderately warm, every mushroom picker has a chance to collect baskets full of edible fruits. Morels and strings are the first to ripen, followed by May row and meadow mushrooms. These subspecies remain among the most popular and are found in large quantities due to the required precipitation in the spring.

Autumn 2022 is the peak of the mushroom season in Voronezh and the Voronezh region as a whole. Every year, mushroom pickers collect many fruits, preferring edible or conditionally edible mushrooms, depending on their taste characteristics.


To collect full containers of mushrooms, it is not enough to have a voluminous knowledge base. In addition to the distinctive features and time of collection, you need to know the mushroom places, not only popular in recent years, but also exclusively your own, noted from your own experience.

The mushroom map of the Voronezh region and Novovoronezh can only suggest landmarks for collecting mushrooms. But you will most likely have to mark the exact coordinates yourself, remembering them for the next years.


As a tricky hint for beginners, there will be photographs left on forums and social networking groups. Many people accidentally leave a mark of the coordinates where a successful collection was made. True, there is no need to go searching the next day to the same place. As an experienced mushroom picker, it will be difficult to find at least a few noble mushrooms. It is more correct to wait 4-5 days to get a hefty harvest, but of new, newly grown families of porcini mushrooms, Polish mushrooms, or honey mushrooms.

Mushroom safari in different regions of the Russian Federation

It turns out that not only Viktor Zykov from the Voronezh region is a fan of organizing a mushroom show. Andrey, a farmer from the Ulyanovsk region, also expressed a desire to share secret places, of course, for a fee - 1000 rubles. According to the farmer, he takes this amount not from one person, but from a car. For this money, he meets tourists and takes them to a specific point. The farmer noted that he guarantees that he can find an ideal place for a person to catch. Andrey says that he is not going to deceive anyone, since he himself often looks for mushrooms.

The farmer noted that he has “thematic tours.” He can show a person different types of mushrooms. Most requests from people are porcini mushrooms; this is the type that people are looking for most. Second place in the ranking goes to saffron milk caps. There are people who are also interested in fly agarics. People say that fly agaric tincture helps cope with post-Covid syndrome. Andrey reminded that you need to be careful with fly agarics, since eating red fly agarics is fatal.

According to Andrey, more and more people throughout Russia are happy to show people excellent places for mushroom hunting. They don't charge a lot of money for this. Andrey believes that the optimal cost of organizing a mushroom safari is from 500 to 1,500 rubles. The most important thing in this matter is not to overdo it, otherwise people simply won’t pay and will start looking for places themselves, even if it takes several days.


Tell me, what do you think about this?

What mushrooms can be collected and found in the Voronezh region and Novovoronezh?

Regardless of the month, in summer and autumn, during periods of heavy rainfall, you can collect conventional and edible mushrooms in almost any forest. The most important thing is to avoid contaminated areas where toxins can completely saturate the pulp of protein foods.

Before traveling by private car or bus in the desired direction, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the distinctive features of each subspecies in advance. Particular attention should be paid to the characteristics of mushrooms that have false counterparts.

If a person goes for mushrooms for the first time, he should be careful about the trip. If possible, you can invite an experienced mushroom picker with you, who goes on a quiet hunt every year. A simple solution will simplify the task by making the trip an educational game called “edible-inedible”.

Useful recommendation!

To prevent the collection of inedible and poisonous mushrooms that contain toxins and poisons in their pulp that are dangerous to health and life, it is recommended to overlook fruits that raise doubts and questions. If you are not 100% sure of its usefulness, you should pass by, even if the basket is not yet completely filled.

The most popular mushrooms discussed on forums and social networks throughout 2022:

  • porcini and Polish mushrooms;
  • meadow, Assumption and autumn honey mushrooms;
  • umbrellas or, as people call them, priests;
  • snotty boletus;
  • chanterelles;
  • rows;
  • Russula;
  • pigs (collecting and consuming is not recommended!);
  • boletus and boletus;
  • Champignon;
  • flywheels.

Despite the popularity of the listed families, unfortunately, it is impossible to collect everything at once. When choosing a place for a trip or, on the contrary, mushrooms, it is recommended to find out what is bearing fruit in the area today or in which trees your favorite fruits sprout.


You should not look for early mushrooms in the autumn, and winter ones in the summer. Fruiting of each mycelium occurs at a certain time of the year, regardless of the weather. Temperature and volume of precipitation reflect exclusively the weight of the fruit, size and weight.

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Mushroom picking places in Voronezh, where to collect them and where to go?

Before deciding on a quiet hunt in the Voronezh region, it is worth examining the map of the area more carefully. If you find areas bordering factories, cemeteries and even highways, it is recommended to choose an alternative option. Any mushroom is a sponge that can absorb poisons and carcinogens. If an edible mushroom sprouts in a landfill, its pulp will absorb poisons and carcinogens that can harm the body and even cause intoxication.

Mushroom places in the Voronezh region in 2022, popular TOP 4:

— in the last year, leather cardboard has become one of the most popular places. Due to the fact that the entrance to the territory of the dachas is guarded, the number of visits is reduced. Thanks to access control, there are fewer mushroom pickers in the forest belts;

- Another leading place remains the village of Tsyurupy. On the territory of its forest, many noble mushrooms sprout: porcini and Polish, semi-white and even milk mushrooms;

— Alekseevsky Gardens are rich in mushrooms that grow in coniferous trees. Milk milk, boletus and saffron milk caps, hygrophores and honey mushrooms are a small part of what you can collect along the way, taking with you a wicker basket or a plastic bucket;

— in last place are four territories: Maklok, the Airport behind the GRAD shopping center, Sredny Ikorets and Novaya Usman.

If you want to go to less popular areas, you should look for mushrooms in the following villages:

  • Panino;
  • Andreevka;
  • Rogachevka;
  • Malaya Pokrovka;
  • Honey cake;
  • Dimitrovo;
  • Kostenki.

If there are other options where you want to go, it is recommended to take a closer look at them. If possible, you can take your fellow silent hunters with you to make it more interesting to spend time and compete.

In the autumn period, a mandatory rule remains the search for noble mushrooms, namely:

  • boletus and Polish;
  • milk mushrooms;
  • obabkov.

If they are not found, then you can switch to options belonging to the second or third category. The list of popular ones includes boletus, row and russula, hygrophora and even wavefish.

Even if the season can hardly be called a mushroom season, it is worth paying special attention to collecting honey mushrooms. In comparison with other families, honey fungus resembles a weed, germinating wherever it can reproduce using a controversial method. Sometimes, the mycelium can reach a length of several kilometers.

Useful tips

Before you go mushroom hunting, you should carefully prepare for a quiet hunt. It is worth taking care not only of your appearance: clothes, shoes and hats, but also the means at hand. The list of everything you need should include:

  • container for collecting mushrooms (basket, bags, deep fabric bags, buckets, backpacks);
  • cutting knife;
  • gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty;
  • compass for navigation in the forest;
  • GPS navigator to go to the station or to your car;
  • high rubber boots to avoid getting your feet wet;
  • jeans so as not to be bitten by a viper or any other snake;
  • a cap to prevent the tick from falling on your head;
  • a long-sleeved jacket is suitable not only for rainy weather, but also for cool mornings and the off-season,
  • when ticks are overly active;
  • a thermos of tea or a bottle of cool water to quench your thirst;
  • light snack of fruit or sandwiches.

Mushroom harvest, photo reviews 2022:

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