Pork with mushrooms - delicious recipes for cooking in the oven, in a frying pan or in a slow cooker

In the oven

In a slow cooker

In a frying pan


Pork with mushrooms

Pork with mushrooms - delicious recipes for cooking in the oven, in a frying pan or in a slow cooker

In the oven

In a slow cooker

In a frying pan


Pork with mushrooms

Despite the fact that pork with mushrooms is included in the daily menu, it will not be superfluous on the holiday table. Thanks to the variety of recipes, every cook will find a dish with which he can please himself and surprise his loved ones.

Pork with mushrooms, baked in the oven

Pork with mushrooms in the oven always turns out juicy, tender and incredibly tasty.

To prepare 3 servings you will need:

• 600 g tenderloin; • 200 g champignons; • the same amount of sour cream; • 1 onion; • 2 medium eggs; • a small piece of cheese; • sunflower oil for frying; • a little salt and pepper.

The cooking method is as follows:

1. The tenderloin is cut into small pieces, each of which is beaten and crushed with salt and pepper. 2. Mushrooms are cut into slices, and onions into cubes, after which the components are laid out in a frying pan and fried until golden brown. 3. The fried mass is distributed over a greased baking sheet, on top of which the chops are laid out and poured with a filling of eggs, sour cream and cheese shavings. 4. Bake for about half an hour in an oven preheated to 180°C.

Useful tips

Mushrooms are 90-95% water. That's why we don't rinse them under water in any of our recipes. Imagine what will happen to a product that already consists almost entirely of water! Instead, we thoroughly clean them of forest debris, sand and dirt.

To ensure that the meat remains juicy, we advise you to fry it until golden brown, and not just white. If there is a crust, it means that all the juice is “sealed” inside. Try it!

For an original taste, you can add capers, olives, goat cheese, some original herbs like mint, chili, fried smoked bacon, nuts, seeds, etc. to any dish. Don’t be afraid of experiments, because they often become masterpieces that everyone falls in love with!

The dish will turn out delicious if you serve it with a salad of fresh vegetables or classic cuts (even if the vegetables are included in the dish). You can replace vegetables with a slice of fresh bread, which, by the way, will add satiety.

Meat stewed with mushrooms is tasty and quite filling. So if you like to eat delicious food, keep our article in mind. Today we have offered as many as six (!) options for preparing and serving the dish. Each of them is worthy of attention in its own way, so it’s worth trying them all. Bon appetit!

How to cook in a slow cooker

A meat dish cooked in a slow cooker is no less tasty. Consists of: • a kilogram of pulp; • 300 g champignons; • 1 onion; • 1 carrot; • 150 g sour cream; • 2 cloves of garlic; • a small amount of flour, butter, salt and spices.

To enjoy tender, flavorful meat:

1. Pork is cut into slices, placed in a greased multicooker bowl and sprinkled with salt and spices. 2. After 10 minutes of frying in the “Frying” mode, mushroom slices and small pieces of vegetables are added to the meat. 3. The contents of the bowl are fried for another 10 minutes. 4. Next, pour a spoonful of flour into the meat, and pour a glass of boiling water over everything. 5. The multicooker is set to the “Baking” mode for 45 minutes. 6. 15 minutes before the end of the program, season the meat and vegetables with sour cream and garlic. 7. After the sound signal, the pork is infused for about 20 minutes under a closed lid.

In a slow cooker with potatoes

If desired, you can replace potatoes with your favorite vegetables; for example, stewed cabbage with pork turns out great in a slow cooker.

• pork – 300 g; • potatoes – 6 tubers; • bulbs – 2 pcs.; • sour cream (cream) – 5 tbsp. l.; • champignon mushrooms – 150 g; • vegetable oil – for frying; • pepper, salt - to taste.

1. Cut the meat into medium pieces, place in a slow cooker, adding a little oil.

2. Cut potato tubers without skin into cubes. Pour into meat.

3. Finely chop the onion and also add to the pork.

4. Season, stir gently.

5. Cut the mushrooms into slices and place them in the multicooker bowl.

6. Add sour cream to the ingredients, you can add more of it.

7. Pour water so that it practically covers all the products, add salt and set the “Stew” mode for an hour.

Tip: some models of devices tend to heat up slowly; depending on your brand of multicooker, the cooking time for pork with mushrooms and potatoes may be increased.

In sour cream sauce in a frying pan

A meat masterpiece with a piquant taste that can be easily created by adding a secret ingredient in the form of sour cream dressing. For preparation the following is used: • pulp – 500 g; • mushrooms – 250 g; • onion – 1 pc.; • sour cream – 200 g; • tomato paste – 60 g; • herbs, flour, oil, salt and spices.

The second dish is prepared according to this scheme:

1. The meat is cut into strips 7-8 mm thick, which are well beaten and again cut crosswise. 2. Chopped onions and mushroom slices are placed in a frying pan with heated oil, salted and seasoned. 3. When the vegetable becomes soft, add a spoonful of flour, pasta and sour cream to the pan. 4. If the consistency is too thick, the contents are diluted with a small amount of water. 5. The sauce is boiled until smooth. 6. In another frying pan, salted pieces of meat are fried and poured with the resulting dressing. 7. The dish is stewed over low heat until cooked.

Meat fried with mushrooms in a frying pan: a quick recipe

When you don’t have time to spend a long time preparing gourmet dishes, but want to quickly cook something tasty, then fried meat with mushrooms in a frying pan is just what you need!


  • 500 g of meat (preferably pork);
  • 200 g champignons;
  • 2 medium sized onions;
  • 3 large cloves of garlic;
  • salt, herbs, spices.

Product preparation:

1. Dry the washed meat and cut into thin long pieces, i.e. straws;

2. Peel the onion, wash it and chop it into thin half rings;

3. Peel the garlic and chop it into small pieces with a knife.

4. Wash the mushrooms, divide them into “legs” and “caps”, cut into thin slices.

Season the prepared pork with salt, dry herbs and spices, mix thoroughly with your hands, rubbing and pressing the seasoning into each piece. Place them in a frying pan with well-heated meat. Fry quickly over high heat for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. After this, you need to reduce the heat and leave to simmer in its own juice, adding onion to it and covering with a lid.

After 8-10 minutes, add the champignons to the pan and, without stirring the ingredients, cover with a lid for 3 minutes, then stir and simmer for another 7 minutes, add the garlic and leave to steep for 5-10 minutes.

Photos of fried meat with mushrooms prepared according to the recipe can be seen below:

You can serve it garnished with herbs in the company of new potatoes or mashed potatoes.

Pork with mushrooms and cheese

An interesting recipe, the ease of preparation of which turns the dish into a tasty, satisfying dinner after a hard day at work. For cooking you should purchase: • half a kilogram of pork; • 1 onion; • 200 g cheese; • 250 g champignons; • 100 g sour cream; • half the amount of mayonnaise; • a little garlic, oil, salt and spices.


1. The pulp is cut into small pieces, beaten, salted and seasoned. 2. The onion is chopped and sautéed until golden brown. 3. Mushrooms are cut into slices and also fried. 4. Place the meat on a greased baking sheet and add a little water. 5. Onions and mushrooms are distributed over the chops. 6. A sauce is prepared from mayonnaise, sour cream and garlic, which is used to coat the chops. 7. Before placing the baking sheet in an oven preheated to 180°C for 1 hour, crush the meat with cheese shavings.

Meat fried with mushrooms in sour cream for a festive table

A dish prepared correctly and with soul is always delicious. The meat fried with mushrooms in sour cream turns out to be very tender and incredibly tasty, which can be safely served on a festive table and be sure that guests will not go hungry.


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  • 1 kg pork goulash;
  • 1 kg of mushrooms (they can be anything - honey mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles, etc.);
  • 200 g sour cream;
  • 4 large onions;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • pepper, herbs, salt.

Product preparation:

1. Wash the goulash, dry thoroughly with a paper towel, cut into small pieces;

2. Cut the peeled and washed onion into half rings;

3. Dry the mushrooms and cut into slices;

First you need to fry the onion for 3-5 minutes until transparent, then add the mushrooms to it. When the onions and mushrooms begin to brown, you need to add pieces of goulash to them, mix thoroughly and cover with a lid. It is important to ensure that all the moisture from the mushrooms has evaporated and that there is no liquid left in the pan.

After 8 minutes, remove the lid, salt and pepper the contents of the frying pan, add sour cream and chopped or pressed garlic. Fry with the lid open for 5-7 minutes, serve hot with vegetables and potatoes.

Hearty dish with potatoes

To prepare a hearty dish that will please the entire household, you will need: • potatoes and pork, 500 g each; • bulb; • sunflower oil for frying; • salt and spices.

Potatoes with meat and mushrooms in the oven are prepared as follows:

1. The meat is cut into pieces, which are fried in a frying pan with salt and spices, where chopped onion is then added. 2. Small cubes are prepared from peeled potatoes, which are also fried with meat and onions.

Meat and champignon rolls

A dish that will be an excellent decoration for the holiday table and a delicious hot appetizer. Used: • pulp – 700 g; • mushrooms – 500 g; • onion – 1 pc.; • egg – 2 pcs.; • cream – 200 ml; • cheese – 150 g; • vegetable oil, salt and spices.

Cooking method:

1. First of all, the filling is prepared from onion half rings and pieces of mushrooms by frying them until tender. 2. Add chopped boiled eggs, grated cheese, salt and spices to the fried mass, which is placed in a bowl. 3. The meat is cut into pieces 1 cm thick and beaten. 4. Place a few spoons of filling on the edge of the chop, after which the roll is rolled up and secured with a toothpick. 5. The rolls are fried until golden brown, starting from the seam. 6. Meat products are freed from toothpicks, laid out in a baking dish, filled with 100 ml of water and cream. 7. The dish is cooked at 180°C for about half an hour.

Stewed cabbage with meat and mushrooms

This option is already more like a full-fledged dish, since cabbage can be safely used as a side dish. Very satisfying!

vegetable oil40 ml
pork0.5 kg
cabbage1 head of cabbage
onion2 heads
tomato paste45 g
carrot2 pcs.
garlic4 pieces
russula350 g
water0.1 l
Cooking time: 60 minutesCalorie content per 100 grams: 68 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Peel the onion and rinse it.
  2. Cut the root vegetables into half rings.
  3. Pour oil into a frying pan, add onion and simmer until soft.
  4. Peel the carrots, wash and grate.
  5. Add to the onion and simmer for five minutes.
  6. When time has passed, add tomato paste.
  7. Simmer, stirring, for ten minutes.
  8. At this time, peel the russula and cut into slices.
  9. Add them to the pan, add water and cook for five minutes.
  10. Clean and chop the pork.
  11. In another pan, heat a little more oil.
  12. Add the pork and fry on all sides until golden brown.
  13. While the ingredients are cooking, rinse the cabbage and shred it thinly.
  14. Pour the remaining oil into a third container.
  15. Place the cabbage and simmer it until done under the lid.
  16. When ready, combine with russula and pork, bring to taste.

Tip: If the cabbage does not give enough juice, add water.

Julienne with pork and mushrooms

The dish, familiar to many in different variations, is also perfectly prepared from pork. To prepare the dish you need: • 600 g of meat and champignons; • bulb; • a piece of butter; • 100 g each of sour cream and mayonnaise; • 200 g cheese; • some flour, milk, salt and spices.

To complete the recipe:

1. The meat is boiled until cooked and cut into cubes. 2. Chopped onions and mushrooms are sautéed in a frying pan. 3. After the moisture from the mushrooms has evaporated, the meat is added to the pan and fried until golden brown. 4. In another frying pan with butter, a spoonful of flour is fried, which is poured with 30 ml of milk. 5. After boiling, add sour cream and mayonnaise, which are boiled until thickened. 6. At the end, cheese shavings are placed in the filling and simmered until completely dissolved. 7. The meat filling is placed in a baking dish and filled with sauce. 8. The dish is cooked in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

How to cook with prunes

This option is intended for lovers of non-traditional dishes! Combine mushrooms with dried fruits, meat and onions. If you wish, you can add nuts, it will turn out delicious!

vegetable oil30 ml
pork0.3 kg
prunes100 g
Champignon200 g
onion150 g
Cooking time: 50 minutesCalorie content per 100 grams: 175 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Peel the onion, rinse it and cut into strips.
  2. Wash the meat and remove all films and veins.
  3. Cut it into small cubes.
  4. Peel the mushrooms too and chop finely.
  5. Wash the prunes, dry and cut into strips.
  6. Pour oil into a frying pan and heat it.
  7. Add onion, simmer until soft.
  8. Then add the meat and fry it until golden brown.
  9. Add mushrooms and simmer until liquid evaporates.
  10. Then add the prunes and cook everything together for another ten minutes.

Tip: add garlic for a spicy kick.

In pots in the oven

Dishes in pots are juicy and easy to prepare.

To prepare pork in this way, prepare:

• pulp – 750 g; • champignons – 12 pcs.; • potatoes – 12 pcs.; • sour cream – 200 ml; • salt and spices - to taste.


1. Meat, vegetables and mushrooms are cut into pieces. 2. Layer 120 g of pork, 2 champignons and potatoes almost to the top in each pot. 3. Each layer is seasoned and salted. 4. Top the contents of the pot with 2 tablespoons of sour cream. 5. A hearty hot dish is baked for 45 minutes at 200°C.

Pork stewed with mushrooms

Delicious, hearty pork combined with mushrooms can be prepared using the following food set: • meat and mushrooms – 700 g each; • soy sauce and sour cream – 50 ml each; • onion – 1 pc.; • salt, spices and oil for frying.

Stewed meat with mushrooms in a slow cooker is prepared as follows:

1. Meat cubes are filled with sauce. 2. After 15 minutes, the meat is fried in the “Baking” mode. 3. Onion cubes and mushroom slices are sent to the meat product in a bowl, where everything is fried for another 7 minutes. 4. The fried mass is poured with sour cream and seasoned. 5. The dish is cooked for 30 minutes in the “Stew” mode.

How to stew pork with honey mushrooms in sour cream

For lovers of gravies and sauces, pork with mushrooms and sour cream is a good choice. Add more sour cream, get a lot of delicious sauce!

flour15 g
sour cream100 ml
pork0.4 kg
honey mushrooms400 g
vegetable oil30 ml
onion1 head
Cooking time: 55 minutesCalorie content per 100 grams: 156 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Clean the pork from fat and films.
  2. Rinse the meat and dry it with dry cloths.
  3. Cut it into cubes.
  4. Clean and rinse the honey mushrooms, chop finely.
  5. Remove the skin from the onion and chop it with a sharp knife.
  6. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onion in it until golden brown.
  7. Place pork on top and add spices.
  8. Stir and fry for five minutes until golden brown.
  9. When time has passed, add honey mushrooms and flour and combine.
  10. Cook until the liquid from the mushrooms evaporates.
  11. At this stage, add sour cream, mix everything and simmer for another quarter of an hour.

Tip: If the sauce is too thick, add a little water or broth.

Meat torsions in the oven

This difficult-to-prepare dish can be prepared very quickly if you know the secret.

To complete the recipe you need:

• 10 steaks; • 400 g of mushrooms; • 250 ml sour cream; • salt and spices.

The preparation scheme is simple:

1. Steaks are beaten, salted and seasoned. 2. Chopped mushrooms are fried. 3. The filling is placed on the edge of each piece, after which the meat is rolled. 4. To prevent the twists from unwinding, they are initially fried. 5. After frying, the rolls are placed in a fireproof container and filled with sour cream. 6. The dish is baked at 180°C for about 40 minutes.

Recipe in French

A fragrant dish for the holiday table and for every day is prepared from:

• a kilogram of mushrooms; • the same amount of meat; • 2 onions; • 200 g cheese; • 2 tomatoes; • mustard, salt, spices and a small amount of oil.

Cooking method:

1. The meat is cut into steaks, which are beaten, smeared with mustard, salted, seasoned and placed on a baking sheet. 2. Place pre-fried mushrooms and onions on top, which are covered with tomato slices. 3. The contents are sprinkled with cheese shavings. 4. The meat dish is baked for 35 minutes at 200°C.

Fried pieces of meat with mushrooms

You can also cook delicious meat in a frying pan using:

• 700 g pork; • 300 g of mushrooms; • 200 ml sour cream; • 200 g tomatoes; • 3 onions; • a little oil, salt and pepper.

To create a dish you should follow the following scheme:

1. Place chopped onion in a hot frying pan. 2. After the onion turns golden, add tomato cubes. 3. After 5 minutes, add mushroom slices. 4. After 7 minutes, pieces of meat are placed into the fried mass, which are salted, seasoned and filled with sour cream. 5. Cover the pan with a lid and continue to simmer the dish over low heat for about 20 minutes.

Pork chops with mushrooms and tomatoes

Thanks to the cheese crust, pork chops with tomatoes are more juicy.

The following products are used:

• 400 g pulp; • 2 tomatoes; • 3 champignons; • 50 ml mayonnaise; • a piece of cheese; • bulb; • salt, spices.

In process:

1. Chops are prepared from the meat, which are salted, seasoned, and laid out on a baking sheet lined with foil, where they are greased with mayonnaise 2. Each piece is covered with several onion rings, tomato slices and mushroom slices. 3. The chops are baked for 35 minutes at 200°C. 4. After half the allotted time, the chops are covered with cheese slices.

Quick puff roast

To cook meat at the same time as a side dish, in addition to half a kilogram of pork, you will need: • carrots – 1 pc.; • champignons – 150 g; • onions – 2 pcs.; • potatoes – 500 g; • salt, spices and oil.

The cooking method is simple:

1. The first layer is laid out onion-carrot pillow on a greased baking sheet. 2. Then the potato wedges are distributed and covered with a layer of mushrooms. 3. The dish ends with meat cubes. 4. The contents of the baking sheet are salted, seasoned and baked for 40 minutes at 200°C.

Pork with vegetables

This recipe is based on marinating meat, if you do not have time for this process, then you can skip this step and prepare the dish in the usual way.

• pork meat – 700 g; • onions – 2 pcs.; • bell pepper – 2 pcs.; • tomatoes – 3 pcs.; • mushrooms – 450 g; • lemon – 0.5 pcs.; • parsley – 0.5 bunch; • mushroom broth; • salt pepper.

1. Cut the meat as for chops, add salt, and brush with mustard.

2. Cut the onion into rings and lemon into slices. Place in a bowl in layers: meat, onion, lemon, repeat the sequence again. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

3. Remove the peel from the tomatoes and cut into manageable pieces.

4. Also cut the pepper into half rings.

5. Boil the mushrooms and cut them.

6. Remove the onion from the meat and fry the pork over high heat until browned. Take it out.

7. Add mushrooms to the same pan and fry. Get it.

8. Place the dish in a cauldron in layers: onions that were used for marinating, peppers, pork, tomatoes, mushrooms and repeat until the ingredients are gone.

9. Pour mushroom broth into the dish until all ingredients are covered.

10. Simmer the pork with mushrooms and vegetables for 1.5 hours, or more.

If desired, you can use your favorite, most delicious marinade for pork kebab in the dish.

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